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Energy Audit Equipments

Energy Audit Tools - LTCT-100

Features of LTCT-100

  • Any successful energy audit requires a set of audit tools for measurements and diagnostics. Here we present you with various types of instruments that can aid in the energy audit survey. The amount and category of instruments needed depend on the type of energy-consuming equipment used at the facility and the audit's level of complexity.
    Ruvik Automation Pvt Ltd (RAPL) We an Innovative organization in the smart energy management industry with more than half a decade of experience with a very strong in-house R&D.
    RAPL Presenting a special online solution for energy auditor to monitor & record non electrical parameter like temperature, Humidity, pressure, noise & so on along with measurement of electrical parameters online all in one unit. with the Accuracy Class 0.5s

    LTCT Meter(Customized):
    • To record all electrical parameter require for energy audit
    • Transparency between auditor & client due to online reporting
    • Less manpower required to record data
    • Data can be download from anywhere online by auditor as well as client.

    Power Quality Manager
    Three & Single phase power Analyser for Balanced / Un-Balanced Load: To measure, record real time Power Consumption, analysis of electrical load, demand control, harmonics and transient. It is done without interrupting the connections.
    Demand Analyser: Used for measurement and analysis of electrical load and demand control.
    Power Analyser: Used for measurement and analysis of electrical Power.
    Harmonic Analyser: Used for analysis of harmonics in power System.
    Watt Meter: Used for measurement of power without interrupting the connections.
    PF Meter: Used for measurement of power factor without interrupting the connection.
    Clamp on CT.: Used for measurement of current without Interrupting the connections.

Energy Audit Tools (Sensor)

Energy Audit Tools (Sensor)

Sensor for Monitoring:

  • An energy audit is a systematic analysis of energy use and consumption. It is important to map all major energy in an energy audit and identify the energy loss area and saving potential. For accurate and quantified identification of energy loss or estimation of saving potential, it is important to have some of the important instruments during an energy audit.

    • To monitor remotely control room/panel temperature changes over the year which can help the customer to take preventive action against panel fire.
    • to monitor humidity effect to the moisture sensitive area
    • to monitor noise level
    • and many more important parameter as required can be customized
    • One time installation

    Thermo hygrometer : It is used to measure remotely humidity and temperature of the desired area, Thermo hydrometer is important for the study of HVAC system operation. This meter can also be used to calculate the dew point of the air.
    Ultrasonic Flowmeter: flow measurement is required to measure flow for calculating pumping efficiency, With an ultrasonic flowmeter, the velocity of fluid can be measured without actual fluid contact by measuring the ultrasonic sound from the pipe surface of the moving fluid.
    Digital Pressure Indicator: Digital pressure indicator is required to measure remotely fluid pressure. It is important to measure the efficiency of the pump, air compressor, blower, fans, vacuum system etc. Digital pressure indication available nowadays can do precise measurements for both positive and negative pressure.

Energy Audit Management Software

Energy Audit Management Software

Advanced metering infrastructure Smart metering systems are considered as the next-generation power measurement systems, which are a revolutionary version of existing electric grids. AMI is an integrated system of smart meters, data management systems and communication networks that enable two-way communication between the utilities and the customers. Hence, by using the AMI system, AMI system is a platform that supports measurement, data collection of sensors, and analysis of energy usage and communicates the same with the energy metering device and software.

The LTCT-100 is a true intelligent meter, able to store data in non-volatile memory and measure active/reactive energy in both consumed and delivered to the power grid. Main function is accuracy measure loop power grid parameters, including voltage, current, power, frequency and other parameters.

Energy Audit Management Software
The dashboard contains two states - Counter readings and Quality parameters. The figure shows states of dashboard with processed telemetry results..

Energy Audit Management Software (EAMS) has released the 2.0 version, software with added support Sensor data of temperature, Humidity, pressure, noise & so to record data meter itself and on server for Energy Auditor and their client.
This latest update of the company’s EAMS product includes a new user interface, enhanced support for complex data estimation, a new calculation engine to improve virtual metering and aggregation processing, as well as additional sensor data capturing function.

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We have a dedicated experts that offers excellent Automation Service. We have a team of experienced engineers and other supporting sources.

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We have a dedicated experts that offers excellent Energy Meter Calibration Service. Our Master is high precission equipments.

Electro Technical Calibration

Electrical calibration refers to the process of verifying the performance of, or adjusting, any instrument that measures or tests electrical parameters.

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Our Development and Manufacturing of Automated Test Equipment test benches for Perfomance & Efficiency Testing by our expirenced and dedicated team.

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Ruvik Automation as NABL Accreditation consultant in Delhi. Our qualified Team will carry on the project in Testing and Calibration with the help of the NABL coordinator/Quality Manager.

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Ruvik Automation and our Onsite service team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week throughout the year to Calibrate your manufacturing and test equipment. We have a professional dedicated expirenced support team for On-site calibration and Inhouse Calibration.

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