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Industrial Automation

Ruvik Automation Pvt Ltd (RAPL) is a leading solution provider of turn-key test rooms and test benches for industrial manufacturer.
Your automation components—PLC's, robots, VFD's, touch screens, sensors, and more—can be programmed so the integrated automated solution will work efficiently and reliably. This new system and all of your existing networked control systems can be "linked" together so you have complete visibility, real time status and control, historical logging, and reporting. This can be accomplished by utilizing Inductive Automation's Scada/Hmi software.
Our systems offer real-time control and advanced data logging with high levels of customization to generate reports, both digital and paper, that are tailored specifically to the needs of the customer and product being tested.


  • Reduce Downtime

    Upgrade or retrofit existing machinery controls to decrease process downtime, Minimize breakdowns by pinpointing potential component failure. Simplify predictive and preventative maintenance processes. Identify and display point of failure in machinery.

  • Improve Quality

    Manage rapidly changing production and process data, Perform real time production tests to products and equipment, Track out-of tolerance materials, products, and scrap. Identify out of tolerance labeling or part defects using Keyence machine vision comprehensive imaging technology.

  • Increase Productivity

    Increase throughput, increase production rate, minimize waste and reduce errors. Simplify machine operation and reduce setup time. Reduce cycle time and work-in-progress while increasing inventory turns. Optimize and create predictable production to meet forecasts. Improve machine utilization and ergonomics.

  • Enhance Safety

    Enhance operator awareness and reaction. Improve control system integrity and security. Isolate hazardous areas and install effective machine guarding & controls (see write up: mechanical power press requirements PDF)

  • Reduce Energy Cost

    Reduce energy consumption and demand peaks. Monitor energy usage more accurately and more precisely. Ensure balance of distribution systems

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Our Services

Energy Meter Calibration

We have a dedicated experts that offers excellent Energy Meter Calibration Service. Our Master is high precission equipments.

Electro Technical Calibration

Electrical calibration refers to the process of verifying the performance of, or adjusting, any instrument that measures or tests electrical parameters.

Perfomance & Efficiency Testing

Our Development and Manufacturing of Automated Test Equipment test benches for Perfomance & Efficiency Testing by our expirenced and dedicated team.

NABL Accreditation Consultant

Ruvik Automation as NABL Accreditation consultant in Delhi. Our qualified Team will carry on the project in Testing and Calibration with the help of the NABL coordinator/Quality Manager.

24/7 On-site and Inhouse Support

Ruvik Automation and our Onsite service team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week throughout the year to Calibrate your manufacturing and test equipment. We have a professional dedicated expirenced support team for On-site calibration and Inhouse Calibration.

Welcome to our company Ruvik Automation Pvt. Ltd.

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Location: E-41, Galli No-3, Samaspur Road, Pandav Nagar, East Delhi,
Delhi - 110091, India - Earth
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